Pet Guidelines

SoLo Suites Langford Victoria BC Hotel

Pets are people too! We welcome your furry ones!

SoLo Suites has designated pet friendly suites. Please notify the hotel prior to arrival when bringing a pet. Please note that guests who do not request a pet friendly suite upon booking cannot be guaranteed that one will be available upon arrival.

Two dogs or two cats permitted

In our Studio Suites the maximum pet weight is 15kg or 33lbs
In our 1 Bedroom Condos the maximum pet weight is 25kg or 55lbs

Daily rate: $20 per day (no minimum)
Weekly rate: $15 per day (no minimum)
Monthly rate: $10 per day (no mimimum)

Pet Guidelines

  • Pets must be on leash or in a crate while in all common areas on property. The common areas include: parkades, hallways/corridors, smoking areas, rooftop patio, sidewalks, and elevators.
  • Please do not leave your pet unattended in your suite. If the hotel must provide compensation to other guests due to any disturbances from your pet, you will be responsible for the associated charges. For the safety of our team members and the comfort of your pet, employees will not enter a guest room while a pet is in it and the property will not be liable for any missed cleaning service as a result.
  • Pets must be house trained. Please make sure pets are off the beds and all furniture. Additional cleaning charges will be applied if extra cleaning is required. All pet litter must be disposed of appropriately by the pet owner.
  • When taking your pet for a walk, please clean up after your pet. Applicable fees will be charged if no pick up is noted.
  • The Owner of the Pet accepts full responsibility and liability for any damage or harm caused by their pet while on hotel premises. Pets exhibiting aggressive behavior towards other Pets or guests will be asked to vacate. The pet owner recognizes that the hotel assumes no liability for any injury suffered by the pet while on hotel property.

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